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  • ~Official Thread~
    "No, I didn't give this one back O.O Joooooooooosssshhhhh (If I remember correctly that's your name)"
  • My New Thread
    ">:D It's so so :P You? Yus"
  • My New Thread
    ":D Yay~! Fun is awesome! O.O Wut?"
  • My New Thread
    "SG: I got it from du999 (I think that was their name)"
  • My New Thread
    "Hey Drew! :D How are you? Raven: :o Yas! Yeah, I hear people say it way to much :P"
  • My New Thread
    "^~^ Yeah, really :3 Everyone says I'm to nice :o"
  • My New Thread
    "xP That is funny. Sounds like something me and my friends at my old school would do."
  • Fading Worlds
    "(Sorry about not responding ;o;) Chris paused for a moment and waited to see if anyone else was up and he realized that they "
  • My New Thread
    "Sure :3"
  • My New Thread
    "Raven :D Thank you x3"
  • "Nuuu"
  • My New Thread
    "I'm going to play some Evil Apples Bai~! It doesn't cost any cake to play random games this weekend so Ye~!"
  • "I made it :3"
  • So empty...
    "I just made it back from downstairs, I'm a ninja :D"
  • "The first two steps squeak really bad"

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