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  • Bra stufferes
    "I like sugar,and I like tea,but I hate nuggets,yessiree"
  • Heil
    " I -------- I____I I-------- -------I. I"
  • "That's cuz stabbing people and eating there hands kills people"
  • WTF
    "Maybe it just doesn't like you.jkjk sup sick?"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "...hello my children!how are you today?"
  • Halloween Party
    "Good.cuz if you were,I would have to shoot you in the legs,cut off your arms,spit in your face,then put you in the chamber."
  • Halloween Party
    "Anyone here Jewish???"
  • Halloween Party
    "The End of Heartache Lyrics All Killswitch Engage Lyrics from largest lyric site on the net! Play "
  • Halloween Party
    "And a serial murdering spree..."
  • Halloween Party
    "I'm a heart with many needles in it!"
  • Halloween Party
    "Hey???Who wants to have an ice cream in my basement????"
  • Halloween Party
    "My vagina senses are ntm"
  • Halloween Party
  • GTQ Real Estate
    "I'm tired so Ima go to bed now, o and if you ever wanna chat request me on facebook my names Tyler shetrompf"
  • GTQ Real Estate
    "Lopez?!ah good times!Man I wish he were here,I've got some catching up to do..."

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