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  • "Hey that makes alotof sense from that point of view... wow..."
  • What's up
    "No its not on redheads.. Lol.. So its ok... But like the Iranians are plannin on sendin a nuclear bomb over here to the U.S. and blowing up ..."
  • "Im gonna wait for that special someone before i kiss anyone.."
  • Alice in Wonderland
    "Lol thanx for the advice! Sure may i have a kookie?"
  • Alice in Wonderland
    "Lol thanx for the advice! Sure may i have a kookie?"
  • "Yea! like my friend Meg started sayin coolio in like the 7th grade then everybody started sayin it then it all quit.. Then last week someone..."
  • "Lol thats so funny your computer is singing to you!! but thats bad thats happening.."
  • Alice in Wonderland
    "I like music isn't very nice is she..."
  • "the most boring thing ive ever done is sit thru an entire lecture about the wrongest things to do in a courtroom... it was so B-O-R-I-N-G!!!..."
  • Oh my gosh
    "OO.. sounds exciting!! in world geography we have to make a movie about a country in Europe and i chose IRELAND cause its awesome and cause ..."
  • Oh my gosh
    "OO... sounds exciting!! In world geography were makin a movie about countries in Europe.. I chose IRELAND cause its cool and cause thats hal..."
  • Oh my gosh
    "me either.. just tryin to fix my paper for english.. which is BORING!!! X("
  • Oh my gosh
    "Hey!! Watts up? "
  • Oh my gosh
    "I took it and got bang.. watts the quiz supposed to mean exactly?"

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