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  • London Institute
    "*puts hands together and shakes them back and forth, silently begging*"
  • London Institute
    "*quiet sigh* *sits down, head in hands* Sophie: *touches her throat, bewildered* *slowly takes off after the boys, wantin"
  • London Institute
    "Err.. Grace, honey, you can do whatever your heart desires-- *turns attention to Henry* How about we don't test ou"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "You can't just— Wait, did you say.. Ducks?"
  • London Institute
    "There are no rats, Jessamine. It's just.. A bit out of order, that's all."
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Will! I will most certainly strangle you before the Clave even catches wind of this!"
  • London Institute
    "..Oh. You meant real rats.. Forgive me. My head is in the clouds today. There is much to learn about this place."
  • Come, and Join Me
    "..What has Will done this time?"
  • London Institute
    "Oh, Will, don't call them rats! That's not very nice! I must admit, I myself am having quite a difficult time.. The boys seem "
  • London Institute
    "This place needs quite a bit of work. I expect everyone to contribute and make this a more orderly mess."
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