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  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "Ghost watched her before running after her. The camera turned off and the next one turned on, quickly moving to point in the same direction ..."
  • N_E_W_S_!_!_!
    "Why does news go in the stage?"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "The camera stared at her for several seconds before tilting back an forth, then moved to aim down the hall"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "The camera moved to point at her before turning off. The next camera down the hall turned on and resumed watching the Trio. Ghost noticed th..."
  • "He just shook his head again"
  • Runnin with a gang
    "Myriad tilted his head at her and shrugged again"
  • The Hunter Project
    "Vitalus seemed to think about it and huffed it"
  • Why am I surprised.
    "Captain blinked at her in mild alarm "why?!?"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "f--- it glitchy boi) Ghost happily ran down the hall, one of the security cameras moving to watch them"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "Debating dragging Error into this) Ghost looked up at her on last time before they lifted Chuff and placed him on their head be"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "Ghost looked down at him and then picked him up, holding him close"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "Ghost just stared blankly up at her before putting their weapon away, deciding she wasnt a threat"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Why thank you"
  • Anyone wanna soap?
    "Ghost stared at her blankly before looking at the chains and drawing their nail, starting to hack at them. After a few slashes they cut thro..."
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Cook dinner then draw"

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