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  • Uhm...
    "Dark: /pushes off Anri: Awesome. I like that movie c:"
  • Uhm...
    "Anri: Pretty good, you? =^.^= Omega: I think you have to be a Junior at least."
  • Uhm...
    "Anri: I'm Kitty c: It's nice to meet you :3 Dark: /resurrects self Omegar: xD I LOVE CAKE."
  • Uhm...
    "Hiya ^.^"
  • Uhm...
  • Uhm...
    "I have no air in my lungs anymore-"
  • Uhm...
    "Oh my god I- I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard-"
  • Uhm...
    "Dark: c: You can try. Omegar: c: Go ahead."
  • Uhm...
    "I'm not in the most bubbliest mood ever right now. Just having one of my depressive moments, don't worry. Being bipolar sucks."
  • Meep.
    "Hello there c:"
  • "36?"
  • "I- xDDDDDD"
  • "I can't believe you said that about me, you slut."
  • "Awhhhhhhhh c:"
  • Fuck me all night BABY!
    "I don't think you have the right parts for that."

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