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  • Chalia's Chat Room (:
    "am included in anybody.?"
  • Chalia's Chat Room (:
  • "rapists r scary?! rly? but thats a funny name :) talking corn nd octopus's eyebrows came into my cave last nite and poured hot sauce on me w..."
  • "BASEBALL!!! imma girl, but i play anyways. im the only girl in the Davenport, East PONY league. my bf plays too, but on another team. i also..."
  • Songs that u wrote
    "u guys r sooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!"
  • try my new football quiz
    "ikr! this is sooooooo gay/boring!"
  • favorite sports team
    "ok... cheese dick... wow but lol. baseball-Cubs football-Bears basketball-Bulls"
  • vollyball
    "i do... ig. but i cant master it, cuz i dont have time. cuz while im playing volleyball im also in the football season. and wen im not doing..."
  • "me toooooooooo. according to Happy Gilmore... "Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass" lolz. nd i totally agree wit him!"
  • Mr. Oliver Sykes
    "psht yea rite!!!! these things r sooooo boring!"
  • "you all r gay! ozzy osbourn, motley crue, metalica, ac dc, twisted sister, poison, sammy hagar, judas priest, nickelback,3 days grace, and v..."
    "WTF? you guys r mean! "
  • Favorite Sport
    "i play baseball, softball, volleyball, baskeball, and im goin to start football and bowling this coming season. i want to start track also, ..."
  • ????
    "lolz. watd they lie about? nd i would b super mad at me friends. my friend chloe has that situation with her BF. but me nd shelby nd dillon ..."
  • My beautiful song
    "hahahahah u guys r lame! lolz :)"

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