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  • Hey, wolf_heart.
    "As weird as this may sound, my names Ashley. :p"
  • Hey, wolf_heart.
    "I'm in Spanish to. :P and it's spelled Cual. Hai Sandra. :3 Yeah, whatever. :P It is. ^^'"
  • Hey, wolf_heart.
    "Sure. Yes. Who else would make an oc based upon Carlos? xP Sure c: Just be yourself and use your brain. That's"
  • Hey, wolf_heart.
    "Yes we do. xP And you know me. ^-^"
  • Hey, wolf_heart.
    "Really? xP"
  • ROSIO.
    "Whoa. That's physical. Ashley: .. You say the most awkward things. ._. But that it wrong. What do your parents do?"
  • ROSIO.
    "Your brothers a butt hole. Hitting girls. >.>"
  • ROSIO.
    "xP. Oh okie. Normals good. Slap him."
  • ROSIO.
  • "Yay."
  • Yes!
  • Does this turn you on?
    "On. It's cute. :3 Has small nose?"
  • gtg
    "Alrighty byyee"
  • Got 120% on quiz
    "I know! If I see her again, I will. xP"
  • Got 120% on quiz
    "No. I told her to get the Fuq away from me though. Now I regret not slapping her."

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