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  • Beautiful Creatures
    "I love this book series so much!!!"
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • I will say a word...
  • "Wow that sounded deep..."
  • "It's the feeling you get when you know someone might not like it. The fact that if you become a huge singer, that someone won't like you. Kn..."
  • Hey Macklemore
    "I wear your Grandpa's clothes, I look incredible!"
  • Austin and Ally
    "Ugh it made me SO MAD when they didn't kiss!!!! They got so close and then she's like "I think the chorus should go like this..." AND they e..."
  • tke my new quz
    "Sorry, but I can't read your language of stupid. Use grammar and most of us will be able to read it."
  • "I'm listening to Burn It Down by Linkin Park, and I was listening to Troublemaker by Olly Murs. That I can rap the whole way through on both..."
  • "You mean Forever Alone Day? Cause if it does it's good. I've emptied out tone ice cream carton. :)"
  • fave band????
    "One Direction Burnham"

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