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  • "I don't care if I look like an idiot, I just want my account back."
  • "Matt - Bun-Bun, Icy, Queeny, Stone, and some others."
  • "And I thought you were one of my peeps. 3:"
  • "I also don't deserve to be hacked."
  • "Matt - That is what is going on in my mind, except for there is more destruction and cursing."
  • I'm back. :3
    "I want my account back. 3:"
  • "Please give me my account back, The Geek! I have worked hard on it, and in your OWN words you said "It would be a shame if you lost all of y..."
  • The Geek.
    "The Geek, I have to admit, the first time I ever met you I thought you were negative and full of hatred. Then you became a little nicer with..."
  • Wolf come here
    "....No response to that."
  • The Geek.
    "Everyone comment how much you want me to get my account back if you want all of this drama to STOP. GoToQuiz will have much more peace once ..."
  • Wolf come here
    "No, you're impersonating me and trying to give this account away because you think I'm annoying."
  • Brownies
    "I won't brag about my level, I will probably make a few threads saying "Yay I leveled up" once in every long while, but I'm not going to say..."
  • Brownies
    "Many people want you to give my account back so we can FINALLY stop this drama. Will you do it or not? Or are you too p---- ? -.-"
  • Wolf come here
    "No, you're not giving my account away."
  • Brownies
    "Please give me my account back."

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