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  • Woah
    "The search function doesn't seem to be super accurate though lol"
  • Woah
    "Looks like we can search for users, threads, and quizzes now"
  • Woah
    "Are yall seeing this new update?"
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  • ""
  • Hey yall
    "I'll still be using this account mostly, but if you see Kish doing mod stuff, that's me"
  • @Atticus
    "Cats, you can't call someone else stuck up and then throw a fit every time someone does something you don't like. Hermiony didn"
  • Hello
    "Thank you!!!"
  • Hello
    "Take my quiz plz so I can finally level up and change me pfp :)"
  • "Me, duh :)"
  • "Done!"
  • "oops Yeah we decided that there's no point doing daily check in since nothing happens recently. I've been meaning to make a pos"
  • "My guess is that because of the different size/shape the cook differently. They might hold the flavoring and stuff better/worse too"
  • C A T S
    "I understand you're all trying to help your friend, but you can't use GTQ as a place to plan to harass someone like this, especially when it..."
  • "I'm so sorry. I accidentally hit the wrong button and deleted the whole thread. I'm really sorry"

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