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  • "Are they sole-up?"
  • Wowza
    "That's okay! It's chill man :) I'm Always awake at 2"
  • "On the soles?"
  • "Oh that's a bit hard to imagine"
  • Wowza
    "Not gonna answer that, let's not exhaust the topic. You didn't know me anyways. i am a lady :) nice to meet you"
  • Wowza
    "!!yeah it's been a... long time and tbh i think we only exchanged maybe ten words so /: .my name is skylar, or sky is fine"
  • Wowza
    "Yeah some people dont talk about it but are you trans? Heya"
  • Wowza
    "Seth? am i allowed to ask if you've had a self revelation in the past yearormoreisheh?"
  • "6 It's alright"
  • Wowza
    "issa secret :) But hi"
  • "Yass"
  • uh
    "Here being where? I'm on a trip for work, just the city over but the constant driving is a bit taxing tbhhh"
  • uh
    "hi usersthatidontknowyet Whatsss up?"
  • Wowza
    "Too bad i can't make another thread today, always wanted a personal one that i kept up for more than a few weeks sucks being a"
  • Wowza
    "I literally haven't been on this site for yearssss but im traveling a lot lately and im bored a lot i aint got nothing else to do any"

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