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  • "Botmun Teh Spinoffz"
  • "o shiet mah nigga dis jus got reel he callin you ugli and shiet smh"
  • "lul less capabel das funni a shiet mah nigga"
  • "noe need 2 feer, botmun iz hear"
  • "jokar i herd u fuked a moos is dat tru"
  • Post here.
    "me 2"
  • "oh mai gawd are cuver is blown ;-; batman pls ;-;"
  • "jokar pls nu u stahp dat ;-;"
  • "but jokar, botmun is so gud at defetin bad gais liek ur an fgt slef"
  • Sara :33
    "a bit of an exaggeration but f--- man you wont be staring into space for long adam ;") As soon as the doors opened, he"
    "i am amazing with the multis "I don't even know anymore." He was quiet. "Can we sleep for a little while, or something?" he s"
  • Sara :33
    ">:) yeah i'll do that when i stop talking to like fifty different people on four different sites f--- "It's okay." He "
  • Sara :33
    "it needs to do a better job how bout i have jokar, spodey, and botmun fight to the death Felix agreed to the room, not"
    "it helps me anyway sleeping oh yeah The tears exploded out of his eyes, him squeaking as it happened. He covered his e"
  • Sara :33
    "x3 He skipped to the man at the desk, and swiftly asked for a decent sized room. The man told him the choices, and then gestu"

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