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  • War.
    "those silly little children. they are all probably nerdy little kids who have nothing better to do in life except play world of warcraft in ..."
  • "wow. i wish we could all be as nice as you. (points to barberbob)"
  • The world is meaningless
    "did you get that out of a movie?"
  • "you guys cuss to much. if it wasnt for that it wouldnt be that bad but it is. and we have just stated our beliefs and instead of posting an ..."
  • The world is meaningless
    "of course you would think up something like this."
  • I don't understand...
    "well why cant he be more tolerant of religion? if we all disscussed this like civilized eople we could work it out."
  • "no, you and tongue and moyashi have."
  • I don't understand...
    "actually, we are twins. but your the evil one."
  • I don't understand...
    "this time, he aint talkin bout me.:p"
  • I don't understand...
    "this time, he aint talkin bout me.:p"
  • I don't understand...
    "why not?"
  • I don't understand...
    "i think hes talking about me (bob).:p"
  • "well we dont hate you because we are... NICE PEOPLE! you know you have lost a fight when you resort to bad language and cant present a good ..."
  • I don't understand...
    "moonlight ninja, i am proud of you. you deserve a cookie.:D that was a good speech. how old are you? i am only 15."
  • "we are so proud of you because you can be mean and hateful. this is our beliefs, so if you dont like them then dont be a jerk about it."

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