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  • I think...
    "Hmph...I'm Angela Lerae, but my people refer to me as their Blood Princess. I am half ice demon, half blood demon, and have a large grudge a..."
  • Right there.
    "*leaves like a boss* Zeph: I can't help but dislike that crystal fairy. e.e Heph: Oh my god you're right!o:"
  • Demigod soap
    "Miki sat down, glancing over at the sub, eyes bright, as she was wide awake now. "That's funny..""
  • Right there.
    "Heph: e.e Hmph. ...Can I live now, baka? *throws off hood, biting lip, staring at Heph angrily* Heph:"
  • Right there.
    "Zeph:*stands silently behind Heph* Heph:*glares at Fray* ...*doesn't remove cloak, voice is quiet* No thank yo"
  • Right there.
    "Heph: Fine then! *le outside, using powers to keep Dark from freezing, using cloak to blend in with everything like a"
  • Oh.
  • "Heph: Liked her? Ohreally? Oh and yeah, calm down."
  • "Heph: *facepalm*"
  • Oh.
    "Ut 'rectus. Servientis de spumae. Heph: BP leave Maru out of this. Illa potest defendere se, ignis ineptus."
  • Oh.
    "Heph: No it's fine. I deserve it. If she stops acting mentally retarded then I will cease the name calling. Vade morituro po"
  • "Heph:*le not a master of the pokerface, almost falls laughing*"
  • Oh.
    "It's fine... Heph: Sorry blood. How many times do I have to say sorry? IT DOESN'T MATTER NITWIT."
  • "Heph: Oh we're doomed.:p"
  • "Heph: Running out of things to say here."

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