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  • "smh I forgot to link the song "Atlas Drowned" by Gang o"
  • "Copied and pasted from......"
  • "Come all ye lost!"
  • end is nigh
    "here's a wip of a song I'm working on"
  • end is nigh
    "oh f--- I still gotta respond to that rp"
  • end is nigh
  • end is nigh
    "whisps are peak snacking material tbf"
  • end is nigh
    "do you think I had a choice??"
  • end is nigh
    "the day has been very hard but now I get to sit and listen to the girl of my dreams sing"
  • end is nigh
    "so anyway, our two homeless friends waited until tonight to inform us they were only interested in coming with us when we were talking about..."
  • end is nigh
    "I agree. Thank you, Dav."
  • end is nigh
    "gonna try my hardest"
  • end is nigh
    "I think this is actually much worse than I initially presumed I think I'm gonna go ahead and implode"
  • end is nigh
  • end is nigh
    "oh well, oh well, I still hope for the best"

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