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  • ~Young & Free~
    "aww its cute kitty cat"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Really?) Well what's on the menu?)"
  • ~Young & Free~
    "To y'all who are on a diet; You only live once for God's sake, EAT CHOCOLATE AND STOP STARVING YOURSELF ALREADY"
  • ~Young & Free~
    "Wow, chocolate is good."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Mark ordered same thing with Wednesday. Sammy ordered a cheeseburger, kids fries, and apple slices, with Pepsi. Along with a wh"
  • Discarded Hearts
    ""Ready Freddie." Mark sat down and Sammy smiled at him, he grinned back."
  • ~Young & Free~
    "OK I'm back at it again"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "(Heyo) Sammy screamed and nearly dropped her phone, "Oh my gosh Wednesday, you scared me!""
  • ~New Flame~
    "Okey dokey"
  • My first RP
    ""Okay, sure thing." Rose picked her backpack up and put her headphones around her neck, a song was playing though."
  • The Graveyard
    "Where have you been? I'm charlie. I have a loads of acc"
  • ~New Flame~
    "Your e about to get bored-er! Cause I'm out. Can you join I spend time there alot. It'd be cool to have a f"
  • ~New Flame~
    "Bling bling cool"
  • "Dork"
  • "FatJoe"

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