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  • "Sorry, I have to go. I'll try to come back on later :("
  • "That is so coolio!Where are you auditioning from?"
  • "Seriously? That is awesome! ...... Wait, were you kidding :D I couldn't tell"
  • "Yeah it does.... Not any actual plans, but i hope to go to Bush Gardens... Oh! And my birthday is this month! :) yay... And no, not "
  • "Actually, I've been pretty bored.... My house is for sale, and people want to come see it like, all the time, so cleaning, cleaning, cleanin..."
  • "Oh my gosh. Hi yeahbuddy. I don't know if you remember me, but we talked a long time ago.... I think you are funny.....and kinda cool.... He..."
  • Hellloooo gtq guys
    "I just want to meet some guys on here. Hello :)"
  • Girlfriend.
    "Yeah "
  • Girlfriend.
    "Like, interested in a real relationship. He probably Just wants the status."
  • Girlfriend.
    "Oh. I guess he left. He's probably not interested Anyway."
  • Girlfriend.
    "Why'd you say duh? How was I supposed to know you were 19? Maybe if we chatted more..."
  • "Oh, right. : D I knew that xD! Isolda Gemma Lyneya Merilda Merewen Lunetta Odilia"
  • Girlfriend.
    "I'd have to get to know you first."
    "Hey, a party! I love parties! *turns up music and gets punch*"
  • No Subject
    "I've put this off long enough-and that's not even very long. I just was wondering if anyone would give me a chance? Maybe I ma"

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