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  • Attention for a sec
    "I'm not actually Road, i apologize if i started any drama or confused anybody. It was not my original intention"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "Moderators can change the join dates"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "Yes but this is the real account The other one has capital b I am road from an alternative dimension"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "I am road!!!!!!!!!!! /J"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "We did a background check on him and turns out he is a dangerous raging criminal"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "Do you know who quizmaster12345 is"
  • You Cant Wake Up
    "Hey, espie, you got a minute?"
  • "Hi Courtney how you doing"
  • I think I'm quizmaster
    "Guys, this isn't funny. We're going to start banning you."
  • end is nigh
    "*jumping up and down hystericaly* whoop 〽"
  • end is nigh
    "Hi 👋👋👋 "

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