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  • Frankenweenie
    "Just because they made the "smart an evil kid Japanese" doesn't mean they were being racist :/ That seems stereotypical of you, labeling eve..."
  • o3o
    "And yet there are those wonderful moments when you find a passage on wiki that happens t be free of falsehoods. It's not as bad as you think..."
  • o3o
    "Yes, acually, and how would you know that I'm not Chinese either? I'm not, granted, but how would you know? I've had several friends through..."
  • o3o
    "In Chinese astrology the animal signs assigned by year represent what others perceive you as being or how you present yourself. ..."
  • Muhahahahahahahahaha!
    "Yeah...I'm just gonna go now e.e"
  • Muhahahahahahahahaha!
    "(Random is what >:D) Marshmellow? ._.'"
  • Muhahahahahahahahaha!
  • Muhahahahahahahahaha!
    "You'd think they'd have learned by now....."
  • Muhahahahahahahahaha!
    "*flies in* Argueing again?"
  • "I have to say, I enjoyed the original more :/"
  • "Except that some people aren't in the right physical and/or emotional shape to cause harm to others. I understand where your comming from, b..."
  • "Tell him to f--- off. He's acting way to pushy, and pushy is something you never want. Plus, he said he would break with with his girlfriend..."
  • Cookie to anyone who:
    "Psh, you should be scared. ANd now I take my leave. Might get on later tonight, I hope."
  • Cookie to anyone who:
    "Wish I was better at it xD"
  • Cookie to anyone who:
    "Oh, I sees xD"

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