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  • Sup?
    "Story of your life~"
  • Sup?
    "HAHA #teamstalker Best"
  • Sup?
    "Haha like you? Saying that you are in UK in the other thread. Didnt know UK is in Asia."
  • Sup?
    "Half-korean actually haha"
  • Sup?
    "South Korea to be exact! :)"
  • Sup?
    "South east asia :)"
  • Sup?
    "Asian country... Hmm"
  • Sup?
    "So where are you from?"
  • "Sidetrack but anyways, UK? Cool~ Somehow, Is it snowing at Manchester?"
  • Sup?
    "Ouhkae, its your name afterall~"
  • Sup?
    "So your name is moon or sim?"
  • Sup?
    "Torquise :)"
  • Joke thread
  • Sup?
    "Moon? Right.."
  • "Clock strikes- One Ok Rock"

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