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  • f--- you Montana
    "And this one"
  • orange
    "The only people I text are my friends Stephen and Sebastian. Seb and I go through about 300 texts a day, Stephen and I about 400 a week. "
  • orange
    "So, not do *facepalm*"
  • orange
    "Mine is charging at the moment, do I can't text mah frans D:"
  • Sooooooooo...
    "I have a runescape..."
  • orange
    "Haha. I wish I had my phone D:"
  • orange
    "I know right My mom called me a "horny teen" xD"
  • orange
    "*sits in the emo corner and waits for Vamp*"
  • orange
    "NEVER! Lol, kay. "
  • orange
    "Haha. This is better >:D *looks for Murder* hehehe "
  • Horny
    "XD yes"
  • WAFFLEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!
    "*gives Hiky a waffle*"
  • What is your real name?
    "Emma :D and my middle name is Marie"
  • "I like everyone except saralee123, Joe, bunnies, and timothy. "
  • "I actually think it's kind of funny when a guy makes a joke about girls, and a bunch of girls flip s--- cuz it's soooo offensive. XD I've ne..."

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