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  • Story time
    "It's ok for posting before reading but thanks for reading it"
  • Story time
  • Story time
    "I didn't realize their was a library also sorry."
  • Story time
    "Can you change it to the library"
  • School Of Secrets
    "( hey Charlie can you read my story it's in the story time one I want to know if it sounds good ) ( sorry if I'm interrupting this thread an..."
  • Story time
    "( my own story ) In a town called Bridgeport , Michigan , was a small boy named Kyle . Now kyle wasn't the ordinary boy you wou"
  • School Of Secrets
    "( I think I'm fine now but thanks I just started a thread that you make a story and just tell it but thanks I'll just make up some stories ..."
  • Story time
    "Tell a story any story in here and thanks for sharing if you did and thanks for reading if you read."
  • School Of Secrets
    "( may I join Charlie )"
  • "Q: can we just make up a story and just do it on the thread and just have it like that"
  • Bamans thread
    "I have a YouTube channel too and I hit 8 subs yes"
  • Bamans thread
    "I'm back I finished a Rubics cube by taking it apart and putting it back together"
  • Bamans thread
    "Hi how are you gtg"
  • Bamans thread
  • Everyone, please see
    "No I just did one in 2004 and I got 2078 tpp"

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