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  • "I love being a baby; I gave up all my big girl privileges including using the bathroom. I now get treated like a 2 year toddler all the…"

    In response to wwe crazy:

    "Suckish quiz. Really... Who would wanna be a…"

  • "lmao I know I need diapers, I refuse to stop going potty in my pants! I even did it at school multiple times and got laughed at for…"

  • "LIke I needed a quiz to tell me I Definately should be back in diapers full time. I mimiced my little cousin and squatted right in…"

  • "You roleplay as a 1-2 year old toddler that wears diapers, waddles and crawls, still sleeps in a crib, sucks a pacifier, drinks from…"

  • "Silly quiz of course I'm a baby! Diapered 24/7, sleep in a crib, bottle and spoon fed. I almost always have a pacifier in my mouth and I…"

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  • "100% Adult baby, Mommy knows better than to put big girl panties on me, they never ever stay dry or clean. They always end up wet and…"