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  • "Best eavesdropper"
  • "No"
  • LeRoux Manor
    "She wasn't startled by the man. Blake. Simone turned her head to him revealing a scrowl. "It's Simone!" Acrylic scratched his"
  • Ninjas vs Pirates
    "He started to massage the tip of him with his tongue. His hand stroked the shaft slowly."
  • One Night
    "He was already hard. Horatio stroked himself while talking. "S-soon.""
  • "Eat"
  • Imagine if...
    "Stfu Derpface."
  • One Night
    ""Boyfriend." He smiled up at him with a hint of lust in his eyes. He kissed him again."
  • One Night
    ""Fine..." He kissed the demon. Horatio was turnt on by the grinding. He wants Twisted inside of him."
  • LeRoux Manor
    ""Keke! Finished!" He places the canvas on a rack to dry. Then washed his hands in the nearby sink. After drying them, he went upstairs...."
  • One Night
    "Horatio bit his lip. He rubbed against him too."
  • One Night
    ""I don't.. Know.." He didn't struggle against the other demon's grip. He looked away blushing slightly when a dirty thought popped in his he..."
  • "No"
  • One Night
    ""W-well, I haven't... Done it in like five years...""
  • One Night
    "He squirmed because of the feeling. "Twisted?!""

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