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  • "yet another alt, i have way too many"
  • "Im good :) were just finishing the princess bride in class"
  • "HI CINNA"
  • "you?"
  • "I'm pretty good"
  • passerine.
    "So how do we decide who is what character?"
  • "I'm being a plague doctor, I couldn't thing of anything more interesting."
  • GTQ memes
    "June: *about Ash and (idk what to write)* They make a cute couple, huh? Cinna: They certainly are standing next to each other."
  • GTQ memes
    "Ash: I’m gonna die alone. Audrey: Ash, you’re not gonna die alone. Ash: Elly, was my safety net, okay? They got married and now "
  • GTQ memes
    "Ash: Sometimes I drink milk straight from the container. Cinna: The cow?? Ash: What? Elly: Cinna, W H Y?"
  • GTQ memes
    "Cinna: Where's Elly? Audrey: Don't worry, I'll find them. Audrey, shouting: Ash sucks! Elly, distantly: Ash is a great per"
  • GTQ memes
    "Cinna: What’s up with Ash? She's been laying on the floor for like….an hour now? Elly: They're just a little overwhelmed. Cinna:"
  • GTQ memes
    "Elly: You’re just being paranoid. Again. Cinna: When have I been paranoid? Elly: Um, when you first met Audrey you thought they "
  • GTQ memes
    "Elly: We need a way to lure in new customers? Audrey: Maybe we could have some fun, interactive events! Cinna: Ash bath water."
  • GTQ memes
    "Ash: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Audrey: That's deep. Cinna: T"

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