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  • How much do you resemble me?
    [published: Jun 25, 2017]

    So basically all you have to do is think like me.You have to think:What would Anna choose.So this I……

  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Jun 21, 2017]

    Do you honestly think that YOU a simple person knows ME someone extremely importante and popular?Well……

  • Are you fun/interesting?!
    [published: Jun 20, 2017, 2 comments]

    Go have more service that we can love.Then watch cheesext and nigahiga with your best pal so that you……

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  • Pic of me now
    "[url=[no urls]][img][no urls][/img][/url]"
  • Rp?
    "Jemma looked confused but laughed cutely.She made her dimples pop out and then she shifted in her chair."
  • Ghostgirl
    "James gasped and sighed "Ari how could you keep this from me?''he said about to cry.And then before she could answer he stormed out."
  • The Diamond Gems
    "Moon felt something was going on so she jumped incredibly high out of nowhere and landed perfectly.She took out her bow and prepared to shoo..."
  • "I am from Guatemala and El Salvador.Sorry this is late."
  • Rp?
    "Jemma smiled and gushed ''Thank you!''to the waitresses as she is a sweet girl.Her cheeks turned a rosy pink."
  • Soap
    "Phoebe got out of the car and walked to the entrancemof the of the froyo shop."
  • The Hotel
    "Yami woke up and grunted.She shifted and then got up lazely with a sigh.She walked to her door after getting changed.She opened it and saw t..."
  • Ghostgirl
    "James looked at her and sighed ''come on Ari''he said and ran after her."
  • "Hello"
  • Raven
    "Maddie waited dor jer food then 2seconds later she jad her eue of newt."
  • Soap
    ""I'm phoebe"she answered.(sorry im really tired)"
  • Abandoned House
  • "ok I finished and I made the thread."
  • Raven
    "Ok so um plot: C1 is the descendant of a disney princess character and C2 is the descendant of a disney villain character.One d"

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