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  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "❀ draco and i have the same pfppppppp ❀"
  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "Drop it please. Is mamousa Mamoru and Usagi? ;w;"
  • Cinnabon
    "This is gonna take a long time I have more than 10 alts total, it’s going to take about five minutes for me to introduce"
  • [Royal Scandal] (1x1)
    "Lares sighed. "Just keep it like that. This way I’ll look like a doofus, which is good.""
  • Matched
    ""Um," Libra started, "Well, to begin with, your face is red, you look like a bug having a seizure, and for the most part, you look quite ecc..."
  • [Royal Scandal] (1x1)
    ""Okay, done." He turned around. "Do I look like a commoner?" A little bit of his gold hair peeked ou."
  • Put a finger down if....
  • Letter Association Game!
  • Dragon's Lair
    "'Conundrum' is the only fancy word I know"
  • J_Angel_
    "Sighing, Aston picked at his fingernails as quietly as he could."
  • [Royal Scandal] (1x1)
    "Lares barely caught them. "Avert your eyes," he warned her, and once he was satisfied that her eyes were closed, he put on the clothes."
  • Matched
    "Libra put on her nicest clothes, which happened to be a plain white dress and tattered white socks. She said aloud, "I can’t go to the cerem"
  • J_Angel_
    "Aston heard footsteps and quickly ran away, hiding behind a tree on a hill nearby, hoping they didn’t spot him."
  • [Royal Scandal] (1x1)
    "Yep ;w;) Lares told the guards that he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be left alone. Then, he walked to the training grounds"
  • Wolf Pack RP
    "Can I join?"

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