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  • 3 Truths 1 Lie
  • Who wants to talk?
    "Cool, nice to meet you too. What's up Katey? :)"
  • 3 Truths 1 Lie
    "Yeah, Brooke you're right. My dad is dead, so he can't be working. But he was an engineer..."
  • Who wants to talk?
    "Sure. :) My name's Mercedes. I'm 16, and that's me in my picture. I write depressing poetry and songs."
  • Hey pplz
    "Really? Cool. Tell her I miss her too. :)"
  • 3 Truths 1 Lie
    "You don't like french toast."
  • 3 Truths 1 Lie
    "1. My full name is Mercedes Marybeth Jones 2. I live in the USA 3. My brother Josh is dead. 4. My dad is an engineer ri"
  • "Hell invites you to come as you are, Every single scar, Untouched, Still evident, For when you are deemed worthy"
  • Hey pplz
    "Cool. Tell her I say hi, not that she'll care but..."
  • Hey pplz
    "What's up?"
  • Hey pplz
    "Hi. :)"
  • "But this person's identity is untold. And until then I wait for the day when we meet. I'm sorry if you classify this as a pointless t"
  • I G2G→
    "Okay, bye Arione! :)"
  • The Final Blow
    "You'd think the final blow, Would come quickly, But it's slow. Forces and battles, They weaken you over "
  • ARIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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