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  • Joining GTQ Friends
    "Lani Sessions Please verify your account."
  • Rosen Embers
    "You...didn't know that? For real?"
  • Joining GTQ Friends
    "State your GTQF user profile, since a mod didn't say you were pending..."
  • Joining GTQ Friends
    "ATTENTION For security reasons, I will need a moderator to delete ChameleonLeap's post with the link. The reason has been explained on"
  • Joining GTQ Friends
    "Invited NitroTails24_"
  • "Okay. I'm going to ask you to delete this. This is not necessary and Dav did not authorize this. I feel like this will only stir up drama. A..."
  • "Post in Trem's account, then."
  • The Binary Dimension
    "Um, yes...😐"
  • "No. I'm shutting this down. This is unauthorized. Now tell me just who you are."
  • The Binary Dimension
    "What do you not understand?"
  • DEAN
    "Hey, getting back with you to answer your question about your ban being permanent. Yes. Yes it is."
  • DEAN
    "That hasn't been discussed, yet."
  • The Binary Dimension
    "As for you, we've decided that you will not be let back on GTQ Friends. Your ban is permanent."
  • DEAN
    "Does... Does this effect MY chances of getting unbanned? Most likely, although, again, I can't say any"
  • What the actual
    "Did you not read everything I mentioned?"

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