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  • Sakura No Hato
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I need something else..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "College isn't fun, but I'll eventually get to do the things I love, right?..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "S M H Anyway, Today is midterms for math. I hope I do well..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Omfg ~So petty~"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Not sure if it's me listening to Industry Baby or because I'm upset, but we're finna claim some names in Smash..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "And now to act like none of this ever happened. Ily, Bwandan. 😘πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I would, but I'm too lazy. Probably why this is still going on. Oh well. 🀷🏽πŸ₯΄"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Idk. I should probably stop posting in his thread about it. Pretty sure he's watching me. 🀣🀣🀣"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I told people, and they're congratulating me. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Not sure why I haven't yet. It's been a year of this weirdness. I haven't figured out why he's been so nice to me yet. It's yucky."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "So, remeber that weird man I complained about months ago? Yeah, he's still following me around trying to give me hugs 'n stuff. Now he says ..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Sometimes I feel like I don't belong... I just feel out of place...especially in times like this..."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "Good morning."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "You have acquired 1 "A spider poop"."

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