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  • Insignificant thread.
  • "Amanuma Tsukihito Yu Yu Hakusho"
  • nsnwvqqqztrniuw2venui
    "I'm bored with this already."
  • nsnwvqqqztrniuw2venui
  • nsnwvqqqztrniuw2venui
    "We're going to do this instead."
  • 1dave1_1_1, please come!
    "Didn't that guy get banned, too?"
  • No Subject
    "Aren't you here? I was still looking.."
  • No Subject
    "*is poked* o-o This is why I don't like people."
  • No Subject
    "Hm... This is hard."
  • No Subject
    "..That's not what I meant. But forget it. I'm gonna find a good game.."
  • No Subject
    "No! That's not good! No more games where the bad guy dies. It's not working... Maybe a different one.."
  • No Subject
    "....I don't play games where I'm the one in danger anymore. One sec, I think I found one!"
  • No Subject
    "*makes stupid face* Hmph. I wasn't losing. Would you rather have waited for all of our level one hundreds to finally take e"
  • No Subject
    "Numa usually wins by now. xD Very repetitive indeed, this is what he gets for making this game an option. Voice: Trai"
  • No Subject
    "Voice: The attack of the foe's CHARIZARD missed! CHARIZARD used Fly! CHARIZARD flew up high!"

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