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  • The egg 2.0
  • Romance RP (1x1 or 1x1x1)
    "Ahh sorry)) Hina woke up the next day and weighed her options, they both felt so heavy"
  • The lore of my worlds
    "Rin was actually Elincia's first love but Auluvin actually cast a love spell on Elincia till she fell for him then he convinced her that she..."
  • Rp
    "Both, I don't have any animal OC's but I'm not opposed to others having animal OC's as their character"
  • Rp
    "Of course"
  • Neverland
    "I wanna rejoin with my original characters"
  • Rp
    "Ok let's hear 'em"
  • Just a rest
    "In order of C's now let's start!) Eileen waved at her retreating family members, they were going on a cruise, and she was stayi"
  • ""Ok, let's go outside!" Griffin said cheerily"

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