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  • ":) Nice to meet you, Name! How are you?"
  • "Ah. Yeah I rather not get involved with that. Thank you for telling me though!"
  • "Hey...if it's not too personal or too troubling, can someone please tell me what's with the arguments?"
  • "Bai bai!"
  • Umm...
  • Umm...
    "They're my favorite fruit, too. ^_^"
  • Umm...
    "Konnichiwa, Kisuke-san. Ogenki desu ka?"
  • Umm...
    "Yeah! Especially when they're homegrown and when you dip them in cream!"
  • Umm...
    "Listening to music and eating strawberries."
  • Umm...
    ":3 Arigato gozimasu, Kish! I'm fifteen."
  • Umm...
    "Mhm! Can't type in Japanese, sadly, though. I have a computer my aunt bought here in America."
  • Umm...
    "I was raised learning both languages, but never have been sure how fluent I was in English. I'm just glad I don't speak "Engrish" xD"
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    "And hi, Kish :)"
  • Umm...
    "I speak Japanese and English."
  • Umm...
    "Oh! That's good, I wasn't sure how good it would sound."

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