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Acid Sutcliff
Joined on Jun 28, 2020
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  • The Underworld
    "Guys I lost interest but you guys can continue the RP. Somebody take over as Acid"
  • "( I keep using Acids phone. It looks exactly like mine! This annoying I'll change the colors on it )"
  • ""Can we?"she asked hopefully," how though?""
  • The Underworld
    ""Yeah,"she replied bloodthirstily," rip her up and you guys can keep some!""
  • The Underworld
    "(Acid out of the ten passwords that might be it, I unlocked it with the seventh one you can use your account now)"
  • The Underworld
    ""You can find her at Angels Throne, at the centre of heaven. But fly high enough so they can't see you,"she replied. She sensed an imp"
  • The Underworld
    "( I'm going bye ) Acid smiled back. She knew they would be good demons"
  • The Underworld
    ""Evil deeds. Do me a favor though. My sister Avaintia is the Queen of angels,"Acid said with pure hatred in her eyes,"you guys shall murder ..."
  • The Underworld
    "Acid waved her wand instantly. "There,"she said quite pleased with herself"
  • The Underworld
    ""Very well to those that want to. But if there is a hint of hostility towards me then poof you will go," she replied making a rose pe..."
  • The Underworld
    "(Yep, let the rp begin) Acid looked at Tyler and the others. "So you guys want to be demons?"she enquired"
  • The Underworld
    "Ok I'll come when you guys are done"
  • The Underworld
    "Yes you can all join :)"
  • "Bye I’m gonna eat dinner"
  • "Hi I’m Draco’s sister and I’m Acid and Draco I’m Annoying. I need to eat bye"

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