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  • "But Im free now :D And I seriously cant wait to see him again someday. Cause now I can and not have any stupid fears or expectations."
  • "I wrote this last year in July... (2017) I guess its a poem right now but who knows what it might turn into someday I wis"
  • "Can you melt these blues of mine I cannot, although Ive tried I dont know the reason why Chorus I woke up wit"
  • "These all bout for the best person btw I aint writing no nice songs for the other person"
  • "Stargazing Were such a wrong fit, you and I But I cant help it, who knows why Youre fascinating to my mind To"
  • "You know now I can share all those songs I wrote... not like I have anything to hide. Heres one of them that actually had a melody and every..."
  • "Hi SG, sorry for all the late posts. Same here! Yeah, when did you graduate? If I remember correctly you were doing Graphic Dei"
  • "I feel so ashamed of myself :("
  • "Plus Im an idiot because I should have realized sooner and should not have been so open and trusting ;n;"
  • "Sigh"
  • "Shes pretty.... cool name too..."
  • "I must have use me and garbage written all over me or something. Cause apparently with her youre actually loyal... or it seems it."
  • "current mood: discouraged"
  • "100+... What the heck..."
  • "Lets be real here, the last one is never going to happen"

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