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  • ..Nope.
    "Taylor: ..Dark. Oh wait, you're not Dark, are you. :P Who are you, then, love? *strokes her hair* ... *little"
  • ..Nope.
    "Taylor: ..Stop PMSing. *pushes the gun away, pulling her into his arms* *and kisses* ... No, I can't. But..Th"
  • ..Is it dead?
    "Torture her. Until she tells you where Melody is. Lassell: You'll have to kill me first. e.e" *has spit the gag out* "
  • "Harriett: *head tilts back* *annoyed noise* ..f--- you."
  • ..Is it dead?
    "*keeps the knife there* *guides her to a door* No. If I move the knife, you could try to run. So I'll tell you this."
  • "Harriett: It's not funny! *huffs* Jerk."
  • "Harriett: *and comes* *pant pant pant* Y-you're a freaking a--hole, Kilo."
  • ..Is it dead?
    "No, I suppose not. But I'm going to make you work for me. Your going to torture a little girl for me. Get her to tell you what I need to kno..."
  • "Harriett: *already tensing up*"
  • ..Is it dead?
    "Honey: *cuddles back* ... You might also want to know...Grace was mine, before she was his. Lonnie's her son."
  • "Harriett: *more moaning* K-Kilo..!"
  • ..Is it dead?
    "Honey: *claps* Yay! ... The cat is with Taylor. *smirks* *strokes her hair* "
  • "Harriett: *loud moan*"
  • "Harriett: H-Hey! *gasp* *presses hips towards his mouth*"
  • ..Is it dead?
    "Honey: I want you to be my sisteeeer. ... Is that so? *was waiting for them* *grabs dark, arm"

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