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  • You know, these quizzes make me realize how many other personalities there is in the world. Being loyal, brave, ambitious, and smart are only four of the zillions of personality there are. I guess you could say there are 9 billion personalizes, because every person has a different one!

  • sort of sad... i love pottermore and got into RAVENCLAW but when i too THIS quiz i got hufflepuff. i was tossing up between the special powers one and when i kept my answers the same and only changed that one i got my true house... really!? how does wanting the ability to speak to animals make you a hufflepuff? it could still make you a ravenclaw because it is quirky and you want to learn more about the creatures around you, BAM!

    oh well it was heaps of fun and iv been looking for a quiz like this for AGES!

    May your patronus be ever a mockingjay!

  • I was hoping for Slytherin and got gryffindor the worst part is that i got ravenclaw for my 2ed house i hate reading school learning and I'm not smart. And they used this at my friends birthday party so i was on gryffindor all day and got a bunch of griffindor stuff but i want/ like Slytherin ): any explanations?

  • I got Slytherin which makes me very happy but on the inside I have always known that I am Slytherin and proud...besides unlike most of the lame potter quizzes which ask me what my favorite color is I believe this one for that reason alone it never really asked me about colors

  • Yes, Gryffindor! With Hufflepuff a close second! Great quiz as well, and if I dare say, slightly more accurate than Pottermore due to the fact you've used all of the questions composed by J.K. While Pottermore only uses seven at a time in random.

  • Actually, Ravenclaw's symbol is the eagle.

    I took another quiz and got Slytherin, but according to this I'm a Gryffindor. I don't know which to believe, but I've always thought myself to be a Ravenclaw. However, if I had to choose between the two I'd pick Slytherin.

  • I got Ravenclaw, which I'm really happy about; the traits fit me very well and I love Luna :). Haha, I'm not surprised though that Slytherin came second. I figured that that would be at least close to what I got. I love the Ravenclaw house though, so I'm happy with that :P

  • Wow! I got griffindor, 81%, even though I think I belong to Hufflepuff. I think I am actually Griffinpuff, a mix of both. A person can be many things, hard but kind, cruel but smart, generous but sarcastic. I've got griffindor three times as well, but Hufflepuff like one hundred times. Great quiz!

  • Your Result: Gryffindor 93%

    Congratulations! Welcome to GRYFFINDOR HOUSE. Our emblem is the lion, the bravest of all creatures, and we pride ourselves on boldness, courage, daring, and chivalry. Our house colours are scarlet and gold and our common room lies up in Gryffindor tower. Traits: Bravery, boldness, daring, nerve, chivalry, courage, loyalty, good-heartedness. Notable people: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, the Weasleys, Hermione Granger.

    93% Ravenclaw
    78% Slytherin

  • Your Result:Ravenclaw 83%
    Gryffindor 58%
    Hufflepuff 52%
    Slytherin 51%

    In other words, pretty balanced, with a extra helping of curiosity. Cool.

    PS. Please stop with the chain comment things, they are annoying. Thank you.

  • I Created 3 Pottermore accounts to make the test, i got Slytherin 3 times, i love Slytherin really much, i belong in there and in this test i got Ravenclaw but that doesn't change the fact that i'm a Slytherin and always will be

  • Slytherin? That's a first. Not really surprising, though, seeing as I have the typical traits for the everyday Slytherin... And my brother got Hufflepuff. The sheer look of slight disappointment was kinda amusing xD

  • I usually get gryffindor but I'm not brave or loyal enough. I could make slytherine but I'm not mean or sneaky enough. Hufflepuff I'm nice enough. Ravenclaw not smart enough. If I had to choose I have to choose Hufflepuff only because they aren't as brave but like I said, I'm not nice and kind enough. But if I can choose from which one I like, it'd be gryffindor or ravenclaw.

  • I got Gryffindor, but i never picture myself in Gryffindor because i'm not really brave or daring. I usually think that i would be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin because had have tendencies to lose my temper after a while or really quickly. But oh well! I like Gryffindor!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Ravenclaw 78%
    Slytherin 57%
    Gryffindor 48%
    Hufflepuff 47%
    3: I dont plan on dying.
    14: I ignore the sound and keep walking.
    15: Again, I dont plan on dying.
    17: I dont drink what I cant identify.

    18: I dont care what other people think of me.

    21: Ignore them and walk away.

    24: Again, I dont care what other people think of me.

    25: Inform Professor Flitwick that you dont pay attention to what your housemates are doing. Youre there to learn, not to make friends.

    27: Go downriver, conjure up a new bridge, and cross without ever engaging with the troll. You suppose that it was nice knowing your friends, but they're on their own now.

    • What happened to my apostrophes?

  • I'm quite happy with this quiz. Half of me wanted to be a slytherin but I'm happy with gryfindor :) I haven't tried Pottermore but I feel that this quiz is great as it shows percentages

  • Huh. So, the sorting hat would contemplate, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Then he would finally come to decide that Slytherin is best. I'm Slytherin, but Ravenclaw was 90%, which was 2% less than Slytherin was.

  • SLYTHERIN, for sure. Then Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and finally Hufflepuff. That's how it is with every quiz :)

    Sorry Hufflepuffs, but I just have a natural prejudice towards you and I don't even know why. I'm sorry!

  • P.S. It keeps giving the answer Gryffindor, a few friends have done the quiz and it tells you you're in Gryffindor, even if one of the other bars is longer.

    You have to look at the bars and see which is the longest to know the true answer.

    Miss Miss
  • I know these are the proper answers to the Pottermore quiz, But are they the proper answers? As everyone here seems to have been sorted in to Gryffindor? I've never been sorted in to Gryffindor either?

    Miss Miss
  • (Plz read this you'll hopefully agree with me) Girl: Am I pretty?

    Boy: I'm not answering your question because I'm sick of everyone posting this

    Girl: you know what? Me too! It's so annoying!

    If you want, you can post this in quizzes to try and stop the chainmail in this site. Because this is optional, this is not chainmail.

  • Great Quiz, although you are missing one question from the pottermore website, Which item would you pick? Ornate dagger,etc (cant remember the items)

  • Really, Ravenclaw? I always had it embedded in my mind that I'd be a Hufflepuff, I'm a little disappointed now. However I do strongly identify with Ravenclaw as well, especially with creativity, wit, imagination, individuality and eccentricity.

  • I've gotten huffleouff 3 times. gryffindor 3 times and now ravenclaw once and its so frustrating. also this includes both this quiz and the wizarding world one. Part of me just kinda thinks im just a mix of all of the houses and that i dont actually belong in one single house.

  • *Faints because it said I'm a Gryffindor* I'm NOT a stupid overrated Gryffindor, nor a Ravenclaw, and FOR SURE not a Slytherin, I'm a Hufflepuff!Hufflepu ff is the best house!Gryffindor is the worst by the way.


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