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  • I got ravenclaw. I would have liked to be in gryfindor, but ravenclaw has me down pretty well: curios, creative, intelligent, and witty. I'm not really sure I'd call myself eccentric. I have been called ambitious though.

  • I'm kinda confused here because first time I took the quiz I was a Gryffindor but now it says I am a Ravenclaw. Idk which one I should identify as ??

  • I'm 90% Gryffindor. Home of the lions, with bravery, boldness, courage. I'm also a Leo so I'm pretty sure I'm catching up with the lion pattern.

    Very Constipated
  • I got:
    Ravenclaw- 81%
    Slytherin- 65%
    Hufflepuff- 55%
    Gryffindor- 48%

    Yeah. That is correct. This is an accurate quiz. Of course, this was made by JK Rowling. And... okay. I got Gryffindor last. But that makes sense haha.

    Uta chan
  • Eh. Im not a Harry Potter fan. (Dont kill me, please.) But I got Slytherin, meh, it suits me (I do get the equivalent whenever I take Warrior cat Clan quiz)

  • Me: Uh, Harry. Don't hate me but I got....

    Harry: SLYTHERIN?! Are you sure this quiz isn't sick?

    Me: I'll try again. Anything but Slytherin anything but Slytherin!

    Pyra Potter
  • Gryffindor 89%
    Ravenclaw 86%
    Slytherin 69%
    Hufflepuff 63%

    But this is weird because I just took this on the actual Pottermore website and I got Ravenclaw... I have 3 accounts on there (don't ask why) and the first time I got hufflepuff second time I got slytherin and the third time I got ravenclaw... I wonder if I make a fourth account I get Gryffindor...

  • Actually, a bit of surprise it's not Ravenclaw, but after I've remembered how I like Lawful Evil guys I start to understand why am I 88% Slytherin

  • Slytherin! Thank god. I keep getting Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The Pottermore quiz was the first that marked me as Slytherin.

  • Yay! Gryffindor!!!! I got in, because I don't judge the wrong way, and only care about people who are nice to everyone. I'm also brave.

  • So Ravenclaw and Slytherin tied with 82%.I always knew I was a ravenclaw, but I never suspected Slytherin. I would MUCH rather be in the Ravenclaw house though.

  • No! I got Ravenclaw, yay, but next came Gryffindor. Ich! Then Hufflepuff, then Slytherin. I am a Ravenpuff! I was hoping for Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor.

  • weird, this seems pretty accurate, but on potter more I got Slytherin twice, both times on this I got Gryffindor, Slytherin is second though, IDK, maybe it's because this quiz has more questions

  • I got I house.
    I got am house.
    I got not house.
    I got going house
    I got to house.
    I got tell house.
    I got you house.
    I got wich house
    I got house house
    I got I house
    I got am house
    I got in house.
    Now read the middle word in each sentence.

  • Slytherine. as usual. I mean, don't expect me to get associated with dirty mud bloods. EW. No way, I get associated with purebloods, the only ones worth of being slytherin.Draco, here I come.

  • I don't even know what I am! in pottermore the first time I had to choose between hufflepuff and slytherin, I chose hufflepuff but I still was doubting so I made a second account and I got slytherin and now I got griffyndor here O-O serious identity problem here.

  • I got Ravenclaw on this quiz, but when I took the one on the Pottermore site, I was sent to Hufflepuff...to be honest, Hufflepuff sounds more like where I should've been sent

  • gah,i really did not take the quiz,so i just got the top onme. Really Gryffindors are so stuck up... No im a ravenclaw. I just want to point out that the questions vary,so these question could or could not be in the potter more test. Pffft,you must be a gryffindor quiz creator.

  • Actually @Miss Miss, I got Ravenclaw, then Slytherin. Gryffindor was third. The Ravenclaw bar was longest. Everything was fine.

  • I got 79% Griff haha! My Raven is 74% which is quite near. When i tried this on the offical site, i also got Griff. The questions are exactly the same, althought i dont quite remember my answer back then, i still got Griff haha! Guess i was meant to be a lion 😂

  • I belong in Slytherin and nowhere else. Would have told the stupid hat that had I been asked. Storms off. Good riddance!!!!!

  • 93% Gryffindor
    77% Ravenclaw
    77% Slytherin
    61% Hufflepuff

    Last time I got sorted on here I got Ravenclaw and Slytherin wasn't as high and I was 2 percentages away from Gryffindor,I wasn't aware my answers changed much!

  • Altruism sounds weird, how do u know what the actors houses are? and the houses aren't real u know, "don't judge people by their houses" lol

  • I can't figure out who i am! On every quiz made by random people i usually get either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Then on Pottermore i got Slytherine, then this quiz gaveme Ravenclaw. HELP SERIOUS IDENTITY CRISIS HERE!!!!!

  • I'm 86% Gryffindor
    85% Slytherin
    82% ravenclaw
    36% Hufflepuff

    I would of thought I would have gone in Slytherin but just turns out I'm a little more Gryffindor and that's ok


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