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  • Meh, ArcticAurora. Favorite animal, arctic fox. By the way, did anyone else have same problem. Almost every time I clicked on an answer for the question, it sent me back to the top.

    ArcticAurora Nov 30 '15, 5:39PM
  • ArcticAurora

    ArcticAurora Nov 30 '15, 5:36PM
  • AvisMagic22470 not magis

    SoulOfViola Jun 25 '15, 11:53AM
  • AvisMagis22470

    SoulOfViola Jun 25 '15, 11:52AM
  • im quillstar21600 and a ravenclaw

    popyo980 Jul 29 '14, 2:11PM
  • LumosMidnight22059 is my username. :)

    Nitalianna89 Jul 11 '14, 11:19PM
  • I just signed up.I'm MidnightRain17320

    jjjcutie Nov 4 '12, 12:25AM
  • Slytherin won the House Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Magicala Jul 6 '12, 1:53PM
  • Oh my Poseidon,I haven't been on Pottermore for AGES!!!

    5thMarauder Jun 13 '12, 3:24AM
  • DreamSpell3275 Hufflepuff. I so thought I would get Gryffindor...

    FInduilas May 13 '12, 9:21PM
  • I'm fairly sure you already added me, but just in case, I'm GoldWild4156

    Calypso1315 May 6 '12, 2:00PM
  • Thanks! I've bookmarked this quiz. P.S. I am absolutely in LOVE with anything to do with Harry Potter. I've seen all the movies and read all the books and I know as much about hogwarts and magic as Hermione! ( if that quiz was telling the truth...)

    GinnyGirl Apr 26 '12, 7:06AM
  • @ bunnirox1686, A circle has no beginning!! I'm glad to meet you!

    5thMarauder Apr 25 '12, 4:29PM
  • Hi, 5thMarauder! I'm a Ravenclaw, too! Hey, "what came first, the phoenix or the flame?" I'm NoxWild4741 on Pottermore.

    bunnirox1686 Apr 25 '12, 4:15PM
  • Racenclaw? Stupid iPod,I meant to write Ravenclaw.

    5thMarauder Apr 25 '12, 3:18PM
  • @WTF_NINJA,yay,a fellow Racenclaw! I will add you as soon as I'm on next!
    @GinnyGirl,a ll you have to do is click on the key and drag it to the keyhole and your vault is open!

    5thMarauder Apr 25 '12, 3:17PM
  • Don't worry... How do you get into your vault at gringotts?

    GinnyGirl Apr 25 '12, 5:34AM
  • Hi! I'm CentaurRune13990 where is your list of hogwarts stuff in diagonal alley?

    GinnyGirl Apr 25 '12, 5:29AM
  • Hey there pottermore person :P My username is WitchChaser10710 and I'm a Ravenclaw -_- I wanted to be in Gryffindor or Slytherin soooooooooooo BAD oh well BYE :3 Rawr :3

    WTF_NINJA Apr 24 '12, 6:25PM

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