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There are many smart people, but few genius tigers. Genius Tiger are no ordinary tigers or people, they are people who are good at pot luck so are you one of then?

Are you a genius tiger or just a little cub? So to you have the power to be a genius tiger? With this quiz you can find out if you are one of them, or just a cub!

Created by: Jesse of Info Tiger.yolasite.com
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  1. What is the Capital of Austria?
  2. What is Y x Y =
  3. What is the last Dynasty of China?
  4. What is 79Au in the periodic table?
  5. What colour is the blue lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera)?
  6. What country does Chop Suey come from?
  7. What does the origami crane symbolized?
  8. What Aboriginal tribe does dot painting?
  9. What country invented chess?
  10. What is rarest tiger?

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