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Have you seen the movie Speed? Well if you haven't it is one of those movies you should go back and watch. Maybe it will be on Netflix one of these days. Who knows.

Do you like heart-pounding movies? Well this movie is one of the best. Thanks for taking this wonderfully amazingly awesome quiz. You won't be disappointed.

Created by: Serge
  1. Was Quentin Tarantino offered the chance to direct the movie Speed?
  2. Is the movie speed one of the top heart-pounding movies of all-time?
  3. What other movies was Jeff Daniels in besides Speed?
  4. Which other movie was Keanu Reeves in besides Speed?
  5. Who else was considered for the role of Howard Payne in the movie Speed?
  6. What means speed in Hindi?
  7. The boyscouts marching song was quoted in the movie Speed. What is it?
  8. What kind of car does Jack drive in the movie Speed?
  9. Who was the villain in the movie Speed?
  10. Who said that the movie Speed wouldn't make any money?
  11. How fast did the bus have to go to prevent it from exploding in the movie Speed?
  12. How many people are killed in the movie Speed?

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