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  • Saying you want the government to keep out of your business, but at the same time wanting the government to "uphold traditional values in society through tougher laws on social behavior and stricter punishment", is contradictory and hypocritical.The government should keep out of peoples business, PERIOD.Everybody has different values and no one should be trying to force their values on others."Tough laws on social behavior" sounds more like the motto of a totalitarian fascist state, not a country that's supposed to be free.

  • Poor quiz. Available answer choices are skewed to "pigeon-hole" certain questions by offering only partial possible answers; last question regarding the environment is perfect example of being able to only chose from very skewed answers that would force the taker to either portray him/herself as a rabid environmental wacko or a greedy cold-blooded opportunist. Most people are far more balanced than either of those extremes.

  • Your Result: Conservative

    You want the government to keep out of your business and let you keep the money you earn, but you believe the government has a responsibility to protect you from foreign and domestic threats and to uphold traditional values in society through tougher laws on social behaviour and stricter punishment.

    Yep! that's me! =)

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Conservative. Why would I expect anything else? =D


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