Political Party Quiz

This quiz was designed for fun, and to introduce you to the big six parties in American politics (Yes, there are more than just two). I encourage all takers of this quiz to not buy into ideologies and please think about all issues and vote accordingly.

If you feel the results don't match with your own personnel beliefs don't get too upset. This is a short quiz with only a handful of questions. For example you could be a Pro-choice Republican or a Pro-military Democrat. Getting an unexpected result may cause you to rethink your positions, though. That's a good thing!

Created by: Shelby of Modern Whig Party
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  1. Second Amendment (right to bare arms)
  2. The War on Drugs
  3. Taxes
  4. Trade
  5. Affirmative Action
  6. Censorship
  7. Intimate relations between adults
  8. Environment
  9. Defense and NASA
  10. Abortion

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