Political Party

This quiz is designed to test your true political identity and will attempt to match you with the correct political party, Democrat or Republican. This quiz was designed by both Republicans and Democrats in order to remove any bias present in the test.

Do you care about the issues facing the United States of America? Do you wonder which political party you should belong to? Are you able to answer a quick quiz in order to find out? If you answered "YES" to these questions, then you should take this quiz.

Created by: James Buchanan
  1. Abortion should be illegal.
  2. The war in Iraq is an unjust war.
  3. Homosexual couples should be allowed to marry.
  4. Amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants living in the United States.
  5. President Obama's economic stimulus is bad for the country.
  6. President Obama's foreign policy is making the United States less safe.
  7. George W. Bush will be remembered kindly by history.
  8. Government is normally the answer to most people's problem.
  9. The freer the market, the freer the people.
  10. Obama's tax plan will raise your taxes.
  11. Members of former President Bush's cabinet and administration should be tried in court for war crimes.
  12. The United States should sit down and talk with Iran.
  13. Global warming is not being influenced by man.
  14. The Patriot Act infringed on the freedom and rights of American citizens.
  15. Stem cell research is moral and can be useful for science.
  16. Rehabilitation of drug dealers is less important than the punishment imposed on drug dealers.
  17. The media had a fair and balanced coverage of Barack Obama during the election season in 2008.
  18. In the auto bailout situation, the UAW needs to make many more concessions that what they have already made.
  19. President Obama should be allowed to remove CEO's of some of the nation's major banks.

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