Pokemon X or Y, Which Version Are You?

Cant decide between Pokemon X Version or Pokemon Y Version, well this is the quiz for you. It takes your answers and bases them on the traits of X and Y.

Are you Stuck on X version or Y version? Are you getting X or Y? Well, it doesn't matter. Take this quiz to find out which version is the right one for you!

Created by: PandaZed
  1. Of these colors which is your favorite?
  2. Pick a number
  3. If a friend tripped would you
  4. What is your favorite typing?
  5. Out of your friends you are
  6. If you had a Pokemon what would you do with it
  7. Out of the new revealed pokemon which is your favorite
  8. Which weapon would you prefer
  9. Almost done, like the quiz?
  10. Are you buying a 3DS because of X/Y?

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Quiz topic: Pokemon X or Y, Which Version am I?