Which Cat Pokemon are You? (and what's your fighting spirit)

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Have you ever wondered which cat pokemon you are? Well, whether you have or haven't until now, this is the perfect quiz for you! The rules are very simple:

Answer the 10 questions presented to you as truthfully as possible for the most accurate results, and make sure to have fun with it! Remember that there are no incorrect answers; just choose the ones that you relate to most. The results will tell you which cat pokemon you are most like, and what your fighting spirit is like as well.~I hope you enjoy the quiz!~

Created by: DancingBraixen
  1. You're minding your own business when you notice someone at your school or workplace who is being picked on by someone else. What do you do?
  2. You're wondering what to wear for your first day at school/work. Which of these options is most your style?
  3. One of your friends invited you to a huge party at their house. What do you do?
  4. Someone in class passes you a note that you're supposed to pass to someone else that's out of their reach. What do you do?
  5. How do your friends typically describe you?
  6. You're at a restaurant you've never been to before. What will you order?
  7. What is your favorite pokemon type?
  8. Your best friend just told you that they have feelings for the person that you like. What will you do?
  9. You're signing up for a position in a band/orchestra. Which instrument do you choose?
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz! What did you think of it? (your answer will not affect your results) :p

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Quiz topic: Which Cat Pokemon am I? (and what's my fighting spirit)