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This quiz is to show you if you are an actually good Pokemon Fan or not. Has question about the game, series, etc. If you are then prove it. Share it!

Are YOU a Pokemon Fan? If you REALLY wanna find out take this quiz....or are you chicken? This quiz has simple questions, like "What type is pikachu?" And more like that.

Created by: Marcos

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  1. Who was Ash's Starter?
  2. Who is team rocket?
  3. How many Pokemon are there today?
  4. What type is Pikachu?
  5. What Pokemon helps Ash's mom?
  6. How many gym leaders are there in each main region?
  7. How many main regions are there today?
  8. Who was Ash's first rival?
  9. Which were the first two pokemon games that came out in america?
  10. How many different Pokemon can Eevee evolve into?
  11. What Pokemon did Ash use to ride from island to island in the orange league?
  12. What are the three starters in the Unova region?
  13. Who is the champion in the Johto region?
  14. What type is Charizard?
  15. How many rivals do you have in Pokemon Black&White?
  16. What type is Cilan best wtih?
  17. Tepig-Pignite-______ What is the last evolution?
  18. Can Magikarp learn any Tm/Hms?
  19. Where does Ash find Charmander?
  20. Who are Misty and Brock?
  21. Who is the "Chinchalla Pokemon" ?
  22. Who did Ash steal a bike from?
  23. You _____ me and I'll teach you! Pokemon! Gotta' _____ em all Pokemon! What are the two missing words.
  24. Ditto can change into any pokemon permanatly. Right?
  25. What does it usaully mean when a Psyduck's tail is glowing pink?
  26. How many times can a pokemon evolve at the most
  27. Ice and Dragon type?
  28. How many People do you have to battle before battling the champion and what is there group name?
  29. What are the name of all the gym leaders in Kanto?
  30. How many pokemon movies were made?
  31. Tm in pokemon terms means?
  32. What is Lance's main pokemon type?
  33. How many pokemon has Ash left with Prof.Oak
  34. How many rivals has Ash had?
  35. Which one of these three pokemon are all ghost types?
  36. Ash's last name?
  37. Who did Ash battle to get Totodile?
  39. How many Dragonites appeared in the serious ?

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