are you a nerd or not?

Have you ever wondered whether you were a nerd or a normal person on the edge of nerdiness? now is your chance to find out. Are you a complete Nerd, or not? It's all here in 'Nerd or not!'

Are you a nerd? a geek? A dork? Maybe all of them? maybe so! WARNING! Geeks, nerds, and dorks are all welcome! Wanna find out? So come on! don't hang atound and be a scaredy cat, come in and take the test

Created by: M&M
  1. do you wear glasses, contacts, at any time?
  2. do you like maths or science?
  3. do you like to keep your clothes in neat order?
  4. are you interested in love?
  5. do you get good grades?
  6. do you like homwork?
  7. Do you like school
  8. Do you wear no socks?
  9. what colour hair do you have?
  10. Do you value family or friends more?
  11. You're walking around the playground, and your friend says to you, "lets skip school!" what do you do?
  12. do you like your teachers?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nerd or not?