what pokemon are you?

wow they really make us do this? honestly, i will have too be on topic and say this, pokemon has come a long way, this thing has went onto so many things, i had this dream that i was a pokemon, and that i was a very rare pokemon and i was eaten by another, and then i took this quiz and got a whimsicott so that is all i have to say as of typing this stupid thing

do you have what it takes to score a perfect on this test it is very hard, so have fun taking it, and some questions are hard and some are very easy, so enjoy this quiz while you can.

Created by: Dakota

  1. what is you favorite color
  2. do you prefer.......
  3. just to annoy you... what gym leader uses ice type pokemon? (a.k.a.... pokemon black and white)
  4. what team does all the bad stuff happen when they are around
  5. what is your two rivals names?
  6. what city is the dragon spiral tower in?
  7. where do you meet burgh for the first time?
  8. what pokemon does gym leader lenora use?
  9. where do you meet sinnoh champion cynthia?
  10. what is team plasmas actual leaders name?
  11. where do you find terrakion... the legendary

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Quiz topic: What pokemon am I?